Justyna Scheuring, Reverberating Water, 2018

Justyna Scheuring, The Roots

Artist: Justyna Scheuring
Title: The Roots, sound and image installation

This work was commissioned by Arts Territory as a part of The Illusion of Return project.


Artists statement:

The Illusion of belonging to a collective continuous memory.

When leaving Poland for London over 10 years ago I was intuitively attentive to the state of not belonging. The experience of becoming the Other has opened up my perception since then. In order to understand what position I speak from, I tried to define ‘a prison/a garden/a cave’ of my own mentality’s imprints from birth. The Illusion of Starting Anew.

This project gave space to an idea already bubbling in my head fuelled by my personal desire to find new ways of relating to my roots that go beyond my immediate family. I choose to work with folklore and water to reflect on language and life.

Traditional folklore is a part of regional/national identity. Folk culture of rituals, dances, costumes, songs and stories belong and thrive from traditions of a particular region and contain storytelling related to customs and rituals incorporating the elements, nature, agriculture, community interactions and religious beliefs. Traditional folklore represents a past era; something that does not exist anymore in its original way, but ruled by retrotopia keeps on feeding the imagination about both the now and the future. It becomes a simulacrum and functions like a utopian dream about unity with nature and harmonious communal life. It can trigger nostalgia for the past and at the same time acts as a part of national heritage in the neoconservative / nationalist arena in Poland.

Supported by Arts Council England