Zorka Wollny, Songs of Resistance, video still, 2015 JEPM Istanbul
Zorka Wollny, Songs of Resistance, video still, 2015 JEPM Istanbul

Songs of Resistance

Artist: Zorka Wollny
Mixer and Istiklal Caddesi, Istanbul, TR,
24 - 26 Oct 2014

This work by award-winning visual artist Zorka Wollny explored the revolutionary potential of the voice in the public space, using slogans, exclamations, and reading aloud as starting points, ultimately merging into a composition in the form of abstract noise.

 Commissioned for the 2014 JEMP festival in Istanbul, “Songs of Resistance” was produced in collaboration with Mixer and the members of two of Istanbul’s Boğaziçi University choirs – the Jazz Choir (dir. Ayşegül Begüm Kuntman) and the Rock Choir (dir. Ozan Hasoğlu).

 Much of Polish-born Wollny’s work functions at the boundary between theatre and the visual arts, often relating to architecture. She collaborates – taking a director-like role – with musicians, actors and dancers, as well as members of local communities, and her projects have also been presented in a multitude of international locales.

The origin of the work should be recognized in the context of manifestations and demonstration. All of these implications merged into a music composition. Text, sounds, noise were freely intertwined, completing each other through emphasizing the key moments, but at times also going their own way and losing themselves in the street noise.

The performance on the 24 October took the form of an open rehearsal. It was followed by a brief street performance on Sunday 26 October at 5pm.

'Songs of Resistance' was commissioned by the Jazz and Experimental Music from Poland festival, in collaboration with Mixer.

Supported by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.