Sabina Sallis, Indecipherable Resilience, 2015/2017

Indecipherable Resilience (2015/2017), 12.30min video looped.
Excerpt from the original video of 30min film.

In this project Sabina Sallis expands her ongoing research into the notion of a “Source of Resilience” and the possibility of an “Infectious Agent”- a virus which infects people with ideas and attitudes. Sallis deciphers the Voynich Manuscript (a mysterious medieval manuscript), quotes from Georgian myths concerning landscape and abundance and she draws inspiration from Borges's labyrinthine narrative to form a contemplative and uplifting immersible experience. The project focusses on the inter-relationships between human knowledge and the natural environment and predicts an evolution of humans toward a sustainable co-existence with the world.

'Indecipherable Resilience' stages an intricate poetic narrative; a myth-philosophical extravaganza which invites you to inhabit and experience Sabina's illuminating poem!

The film features: Voynich manuscript, text by Sabina Sallis, voice over by Pauline Sallis, music by Joe Sallis, permaculturist- forager Pia Castleton.

The composition made by Joe Sallis for the soundtrack of Sabina's film is influenced by Georgian polyphonic singing and uses a tuning that differs from Western European harmony. At the top of the scale the pitch is 528hz- this is the frequency that, amongst other miraculous properties, is reputed to heal DNA. The composition uses specially made instruments based on the hurdy-gurdy, these are string instruments that rather than using a bow to excite the strings, use a wheel; making a continuous drone possible.